Elias nyandwi

Job Title: 

Researcher(Phd Student)

Contact Info: 

Email: e.nyandwi@ur.ac.rw

Office Number: CGIS 02


Elias Nyandwi is a Researcher and Lecturer at the University of Rwanda in the Centre for Geographic information Systems and Remote Sensing (CGIS-UR). He has a Bachelor’s degree in Geography from the former National University of Rwanda (NUR), Rwanda [1998-2003]. and has MSC. in Geo - Information for Natural Resource Management, specialization in Environmental System Analysis and Management from International Institute for Geo-Information and Earth Observations, The Netherlands [September 2006 to March 2008]. From March 2008 to present, he is researcher at the Centre for Geographic information Systems and Remote Sensing (CGIS-UR). 

Teaching activities

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Geo-Information Science : Coordination and participation in teaching of four modules : Principles of Remote Sensing and Photo-Interpretation, GIS for Environmental Management, GIS for Multi-Criteria Evaluation Techniques and Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Undergraduate programs : Remote Sensing and Photo –interpretation for BSc in Biology, Geography and Agriculture. GIS for Environmental Management and Research Project modules for BSc in Geography
  • Supervision of final paper preparation (Memoire for BSc and Final assignments for Post graduate diploma)

Project activities

  • National Coordinator from August 2009 of a Pan African Research Project funded by International Development Research Centre untitled “Participatory GIS for Forest Resources Management”, Ongoing research project (150,000 CAD)
  • Remote Sensing expert for “Crop Regionalization & Local Development. A contribution to District Planning in Rwanda”. Case of Kamonyi district, South Province”, Ongoing research project (21,052 USD)
  • Investigator, (2010) EU FP7 Impacts of environmental change on water related, vector borne diseases in eastern Africa project seven European and eight African partners (c. 3.3 million EUR)
  • Investigator, The political economy of sustainable ecosystem services for poverty reduction and sustainable growth, Research proposal submitted to DFID in collaboration with WCS Rwanda
  • Project Coordinator of Public Forest Resources Cadastral Elaboration and Detailed National Forest mapping in collaboration with National Forest Authority and Belgian Technical Cooperation


  1. Elias Nyandwi, GIS and RS for Modeling Landform Controls on the Distribution of Forest Canopy Vascular Epiphyte, 2009, International Journal of Ecology & Development, Volume 16, Issue# S10, 2010.
  2. Elias Nyandwi, Road edge effect on forest canopy structure and Epiphyte biodiversity using GIS & RS in a tropical mountainous rainforest. Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda, BIODIVERSITY CONSERVATION IN THE ALBERTINE RIFT REGION WORKSHOP Organized by Regional Network for Conservation Educators of the Albertine Rift (RNCEAR), Institute of Environment and natural Resources, Makerere University (MUIENR) and the National University of Rwanda (Kampala June, 2009).
  3. Callixte Gatali, Dr. Léonidas Mbanzamihigo, Valentine Uwamariya et Elias Nyandwi, Perspectives d’utilisation des différentes sources naturelles de minéraux en alimentation animale : cas de la source saline de Kunyu et la roche de Uwinka, 2007, National Conference on Agricultural Research Outputs, Kigali from 29th January to1st February 2007.

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GIS and RS are tools needed by many if not all. Come to us and we will share with you our experiances and discoveries we have aquired in more than 15 years of working with spatial data.

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Based in Loiret Building opposite (the newly built) Huye bus station.

CGIS-UR is located in Southern Province of Rwanda near the National Museum of Rwanda. 

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“GIS is an integrated system of computer hardware, software, and trained personnel linking topographic, demographic, utility, facility, image and other resource data that is geographically referenced.” ~ NASA

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