Joseph Tuyishimire

Job Title: 

Assistant Researcher

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Office Number: CGIS 03


Joseph TUYISHIMIRE is an assistant Researcher in the Center for Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing-University of Rwanda (CGIS-UR). He is a holder of a Master of Science degree in Geo-information and Earth Observation/Natural Resources Management obtained from the International Training Center-University of Twente (ITC-UT).

Mr. Tuyishimire also teaches GIS and Remote Sensing courses and their application to Natural Resources Management at the University of Rwanda. With a background in biodiversity conservation, he worked as biodiversity officer in Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) under Integrated Management of Critical Ecosystems (IMCE) project before joining CGIS-UR.

His research interests include biodiversity conservation, forestry, environment, natural resources management and effects of climate change on the spread of vector borne diseases. His current research project explores integrated management of protected areas in Rwanda with an emphasis on the advantages and consequences of stopping poaching activities in Nyungwe Forest National Park on biodiversity and neighbouring people.  

Joseph TUYISHIMIRE lives in Huye District where he passes his extra-academic hours with his family praying, reading, watching documentary movies and football matches; and interacting with his neighbours.

Professional trainings:

  1. Renewable energy from the former Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Rwanda
  2. National forestry Monitoring Systems offered by the FAO in collaboration with the Ministry of Forestry, Congo Brazzaville.

Welcome note

GIS and RS are tools needed by many if not all. Come to us and we will share with you our experiances and discoveries we have aquired in more than 15 years of working with spatial data.

How to Reach Us

Based in Loiret Building opposite (the newly built) Huye bus station.

CGIS-UR is located in Southern Province of Rwanda near the National Museum of Rwanda. 

What is GIS?

“GIS is an integrated system of computer hardware, software, and trained personnel linking topographic, demographic, utility, facility, image and other resource data that is geographically referenced.” ~ NASA

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