CGIS offers two types of traings:

  • Trainings prepared and advirtized by CGIS tartgeting proffessionals from a particular fileds
  • and talor made trainings requested by instututiond for their employees, 

Talor made trainings are cuatomized to meet lients needs. our clients include indivudul consultants, NGO, public and pricate institutions.

Minimum academin entry level varies from A2, A1 and A0 depending on the content of the training.

GIS courses:

  • Introduction to GIS
  • Introduction to Remote Sensing and image processing
  • Introduction to Database Management System
  • Introduction to Global Positioning System (GPS), Differential GPS, and mobile GIS
  • Advanced principles of remote sensing and image processing
  • Advanced GIS
  • Web mapping
  • Geo-spatial database development and management
  • Application of GPS technology in resource surveys and mapping

Application of GIS and Remote Sensing for:

  • Hydrological modeling,
  • Forestry mapping,
  • Agriculture and livelistock management
  • Land and water management
  • Malaria control
  • Disaster management
  • Environmental modeling
  • Urban and regional planning
  • Soil erosion and land degradation mappping




Welcome note

GIS and RS are tools needed by many if not all. Come to us and we will share with you our experiances and discoveries we have aquired in more than 15 years of working with spatial data.

How to Reach Us

Based in Loiret Building opposite (the newly built) Huye bus station.

CGIS-UR is located in Southern Province of Rwanda near the National Museum of Rwanda. 

What is GIS?

“GIS is an integrated system of computer hardware, software, and trained personnel linking topographic, demographic, utility, facility, image and other resource data that is geographically referenced.” ~ NASA

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